Dorothy Dent Certification Program


The long-awaited Dorothy Dent Certification Program has now become a reality! Consisting of three 1-week, in-depth training sessions, this series of classes will specialize in hands-on personal attention from Dorothy Dent, named one of the Top Ten Decorative Artists in the nation, and #1 in Landscape by Decorative Artists Workbook.

The program is open to all painters...those who may wish to teach for fun and/or profit, as well as those who want to earn Certification for their own personal satisfaction.  Whether each individual decides to teach or not, this will be an opportunity to learn new, unique methods of painting, make new friends with similar interests, and leave with beautiful artwork. Another possibility would be to start a whole new career!

The DDCI Certification program is actually a two-step process.  The first step is to complete all three course levels in the program...Crystal I, Amethyst II, and Diamond III.   Attending all 3 weeks does NOT necessarily mean a student will be given a DDCI Teaching Certificate.  At the conclusion of the Diamond Level,  Dorothy has a private conference with each student to encourage their artistic development, and give suggestions for improvement if needed.  She then personally decides, on an individual basis, if a person has reached the skill levels necessary to receive the DDCI Teaching Certificate. These Certificates will be mailed out to those who have successfully completed all aspects of the program, and achieved high proficiency in all Dorothy Dent techniques. Everyone is encouraged to continue to work on their Certification by bringing in their work or sending photos, or taking classes in our Continuing Education Program, or any other classes of interest. 




  Introduction to Landscape Painting   Intermediate/Pre-Certification
(Prerequisite - Crystal Level)
  Advanced/Teacher Certification
(Prerequisite - Crystal & Amethyst Levels)
  The focus of this first Certification week will be a study of basic color theory, including color mixing and painting a color wheel.   Simple perspective drawing will be taught.  Students will also learn how the correct color values create depth in painting, and how to develop a strong focal point in the piece.  Each person should develop his/her own skills in painting various objects normally found in nature and landscape.  The first two days will be devoted to these subjects, and to practicing techniques to further develop individual talents.  The last three days students will complete 3 paintings depicting different seasons, using their own personal abilities, to be reviewed by Dorothy   This week begins with a review of the various landscape techniques learned in the Crystal Level, building on that knowledge, with more emphasis on intense personal instruction in any problem areas. Student should bring paintings completed at home, for critique by Dorothy, to see how each individual's skills are developing.  These should be painted from a Dorothy Dent packet or book.  Dorothy will offer suggestions for improvement and/or correction.  Three more landscape paintings with new subject matter will also be completed during this week.   During this final week of Certification, there will be a review of basic skills for any problem areas students may be having.  Three additional paintings of a more advanced nature will be completed.  Again, there will be a critique of work brought from home.  An in depth discussion of "The Art and Business of Teaching", with emphasis on how to set up classes, what it takes to be a good instructor, and handling proper class etiquette will be included, as well as purchasing Dorothy Dent materials at discount prices.  Diamond Lever Certificates will be awarded after a private conference with Dorothy.  DDCI Teacher Level Certificates will be mailed out at a later date to those who have achieved high skill levels in all Dorothy Dent techniques.  
Class fees - $500 per session, plus supplies, with $150 deposit. If student cancels up to 30 days before class date, a $50 service fee will be withheld on refund unless we can fill the spot from the waiting list. No refund on cancellations in last 30 days prior to class unless we can fill the spot from the waiting list. If class is cancelled by Dorothy Dent, all monies will be refunded to students.


I hope to see many of you in my Certification has taken untold hours of preparation and thought to initiate this series of classes. I believe you will gain many benefits from these intense study sessions. It is my goal to personally work with each student to develop their own special skills as an artist and teacher. The more we learn, the better we can be...May each of us strive to be all that we can... Dorothy Dent

  Certified Instructors